Diversity & Inclusion Assessments

Diversity & Inclusion Assessments

We work with organizations to determine the level of inclusion experienced among their employees through an online assessment. All responses are confidential, and we create a comprehensive report by analyzing responses with demographic data. This assessment will measure indicators of an inclusive organization such as:

  • How many of your employees have a deep sense of belonging at the organization?
  • Have people felt out of place or isolated?
  • Do employees feel accepted by peers?

Additional information and example:

  • 1-Page Overview of Assessments PDF
  • Full Sample Report PDF

Diversity & Inclusion Dialogues

We facilitate on-going dialogues to increase awareness of the ways that racism persists in our society and guides Alaskans toward creating more inclusive communities. These dialogues are open to the public and are free of charge. For a schedule of upcoming dialogues click HERE.

In addition to public dialogues, we also partner with local organizations to bring these formative experiences into the workplace.

For more information or to facilitate a dialogue at your organization:

  • Why invest in Diversity & Inclusion PDF
  • 1-Page Overview of Workplace Dialogues PDF
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