Economic Justice Project

Economic Justice Project

The Economic Justice Project strives to provide a path toward financial independence for women and at-risk populations in all stages of life. We are currently the only program in Alaska that offers financial literacy training and support specifically designed to address obstacles faced by women, minority populations, and at-risk groups.

Why is this important?

  • A single mother with 2 children in Alaska would have to earn $34.73 an hour or $73,356 just to cover basic expenses.
  • An average single individual in Alaska must earn $16.19 an hour or $34,188 to cover basic expenses.
  • Affording the average rent in Alaska requires 92% of the average worker’s income.
  • 58% of Alaskans lack a fundamental level of financial knowledge.


We partner with local organizations to provide Economic Literacy courses directly to their clients, and provide a 3rd party perspective that is free of judgement. This allows clients to discuss financial troubles honestly without fear of losing services, and helps clients work with their finances and employment prospects in healthy, productive ways that support their recovery or re-entry to the community.


Current Partners:

  • Covenant House Alaska
  • Abused Women’s Aid In Crisis
  • Bean’s Cafe
  • Alaska Housing Finance Corporation
  • Cook Inlet Housing Authority
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